vegan food blog!
Been wanting to make a vegan food blog and here it is! :)

I don’t know if tumblr is necessarily the best website for it..but oh, well. I know how tumblr works now and I’m on it everyday, so it’s convenient, I guess.

I’m thinking that this will mainly be about vegan food and stuff, but I might sneak a few other things in here, I don’t know..I will see!

It will probably take me awhile to get it to how I like it/want it.

I’m not going to be posting/reblogging everyday, I mean, maybe but if I do it definitely won’t be as much as my personal blog.

This blog will mainly have: pictures of delicious food/ foods I love, recipes I like, recipes I came up with, pictures I have taken, thoughts about vegan food, etc,etc.